Ebay, October pt1. – Mostly optics

Using ten-day auctions, I should only be making a note about new listings every couple of weeks, so about twice a month. Hopefully that won’t be too invasive on peoples feeds!

I have ten new items listed today, and two items ending in 3 days time. The new ones have a few interesting optical items that may be of interest to the experimenter.

New today:
Fibre-optic block, 19mm dia, 15mm thick
Fibre-optic block, 32mm dia, 20mm thick
Fibre-optic block, 27mm dia, 17mm thick
Chromatic lens assembly from photocopier, 32mm dia
Repromaster 1:8/210mm lens enlarger projector
Eumig Eupro-Zoom 1:1.3 F15-25 cine film projector lens
AirReel Cryoproducts TCG3 Level Indicator, nitrogen
Folding screen for JVC GR-DVL9500 Mini DV spares repair
Colour Viewfinder for JVC GR-DVL9500 DV spares repair
Hammer multitool stainless steel measure knife file saw

3 days to go:
Vintage “AK” Precision Drill Press, 55cm/21.5″, repair
10 inch scaffolding pully