Confuzzled 2009

Confuzzled just passed is a con only in it’s second year, but since I was at it’s first I knew I would be there for its second. The first time around it was a convention of massive professionalism. While every con has it’s teething troubles, everything was well organised, and it’s second year kept that up!

Now it is a fairly small con, but it’s growing fast. The first year it’s membership was limited to 140 or so because of the occupancy of the hostel it was held in. This year they’d negotiated an overflow hotel and permission for those staying there to enter the hostel, raising the attendance to over 250. Next year it’s even going to be in a proper country hotel.

Setup in the dealers den went fine, and sales were gratefully made. The weather outside had us all pining to be out there instead though! I was also selling a selection of clearence prints for the excellent artist UltraViolet, which to my chagrin sold better than my own merchendice! But wow, some of the attendees have some things in the works, and I’m happy to say that I’ll be providing services to assist in some extremely creative costumes. One member has yet again pushed me back into making jewellery, so perhaps that will become a new standard line for me.

Best of all was the socialising, both with old friends and meeting new contacts and aquaintences. I’m also stunned that some folk requested more of my questionable home-brew.

There was amazingly little drama, and what there was was unrelated to the con and kept in private. Seeing folks in the furry fandom acting in such a responcible fashion always makes me glad.

Another highlight was the trip to MOSI the Museum Of Science and Industry, as the con’s theme for the year was “Victorian”. And as such we wandered about in top-hat and tail-coat being amazed at these variouos contraptions and do-dads, finally completing it with a trip on the museums small circuit of steam railway. Many photographs were taken, particularly by random members of the public. And as a tip, it’s more aproachable to describe a furry-con as a “niche comics convention”. Normal people understand those terms.

There were also goslings everywhere, singing, the discovery that curry grants wishes, and again that that area of Manchester reminds me of somewhere…

(pictures to be added)

Looking forward to next year already!