Current status

What do I have on my plate at the moment? Active commissions are:

  • Sketchbook commission for Fuzzy Skunk (art)
  • Mechanical wings for Jocasta (custom costuming)
  • Customisation of an ironing board for Ewt (customisation)

In R&D, I’ve worked out a better process for making T-Virus canisters with a better finish. I’m also currently working on the angles involved with the Mecha Ears development, and trying to source the right control cables for the budget model.

The concept demonstrator unfortunately did not have a pleasant ride home from Confuzzled, and again highlighted the need for strong pivots on the production versions.

The UV reactive dyes arrived a couple of days after my return home from the con, and I now just await an order of tool steel. This will allow me to make the custom lathe tools required for the best virus container machining. The polycarbonate sheeting for Jocastas wings arrived yesterday.