RBW and after

Well RBW’s been over for a week now, and I’m almost sorted out again. I’d like to thank the staff of the con for trying their best given highly adverse conditions.

From the first day we were told we wouldn’t be coming back to the Royal National Hotel next year, and soon found out why. The hotel refused to honour confirmed bookings, rooms were in a poor state, hotel staff were surly, and other events had been interleaved with the convention meaning events had to be packed up early or canceled so rooms could be emptied rather than left  as they were overnight. The main problem though was that the hotel “washed the carpets” in the room the Dealers were supposed to be using, meaning we got shoved in a room half the hight and a third the width, upstairs and down cramped corridoors. Well out of the way, and with some artists moved down to the lobby, traffic was greatly reduced.

There were mistakes on the con-staff side too, but in their defense there had been an almost complete change in staff just a month beforehand, leaving very little time to prepare. My main issue with them though was the timetable. There wasn’t one in the con-book, the only one on the website did not match the actual one, and communication about changes in events was very poor. But they are rebuilding from scratch for next year, so I have hope that next years con will be much better.

And as allways, the Boat Party remains the jewel in the con’s crown, this year seeing us on board a huge triple-decked boat with two bars, colour-changing lighting, dance-floor and open upper deck. The boat party was quite epic.


As far as sales go, my best seller was pre-orders on the sew-on resin claws I’ve been working on. I had hoped to have been selling the claws themselves, but due to a small problem with my resin supplier, I had to use slow-cure silicones. And with all claw moulds produced from a single master, it meant there wasn’t enough time to make enough moulds for the full sets of ten.

Close up claws

Close up of claws

The pre-orders sold at full prices, but with free postage, and should still be on track to ship a little before xmas (with the exception of my first custom colour blend set). I also had enquiries at the con about wether I could produce the claws so they reacted to UV light, glowed in the dark or came with embedded flashing LEDs. I’m looking into these possibilities and should have answers by the new year.

Other items

Foxxie Fluffs! These adorable little fuzz-balls were a surprise sucess, and I’ve had enquiries about them even after the con. As soon as I can obtain more raw materials, expect to see them appear for sale here on the site, or directly at LondonFur meets. A couple sold in the RBW charity auction.

Sewing Kits! A number of these sold, and amusingly one to someone with a trouser-emergency.

Tea Tree and Peppermint wipes! Again, a few of these sold, mostly to face/bodypainters.

UV Sushii Fish Earrings! Only two sets sold in the end, but they were perhaps a long-shot. Perhaps in part this explained in the number of times I had to say that they were made from brand new fish bottles, not recycled fishy ones. Also rather over-estimated the number of people who would have peirced ears.

Where from here?

I have a couple of private comissions I’m working on to have finished before their xmas deadlines, and until they’re handed over I can’t say much about them.

Before xmas hits though, the site shop will come online selling the claws, Foxxie Fluffs, sewing kits and other items.

I’m also working on a couple of new products. One would be resin noses of varying types, and the other would be resin teeth. The teeth will hopefully be made avaiable individually and in custom fixed arangements. The latter will depend on having a custom layout generator included into the shop.

There is also the possibility that I may have to move house in the next few months. Wether this spectre turns up or not, I’ll be lightening myself of a lot more interesting and usefull items, so keep an eye on the ebay listings.

So until my next update (and now things are getting back in order, there should be many!), thanks for reading and have a merry christmas! 🙂