Ladies shirts, incoming!

The largest order I’ve yet made, at £490, will shortly see me re-stocked in all the unisex UKFur shirts, as well as a few ladies shirts in black, pink and the blue-backed “Union” design!

This means the prices are now set!

Both the white UKFur logo on black shirt or baby-pink shirt are £12, no matter the size.
The Union (white and red UKFur logo on a royal blue shirt) are £14 each, again no matter the size.

The ladies sizes are: XS=8, S=10, M=12, L=14, XL=16

I should be able to get custom colour combinations on request now the screens for the printing have been cut. So let me know if you want the design on a different colour to be included in the next order!

And now back to finishing the castings and commissions. Not a lot left to do!

With luck the shirts should arrive just before the next LondonFur meet on the 26th.