LondonFurs Xmas Party and beyond

Had a great time at the party over the weekend, and sold quite a few glowsticks to those more neon partygoers. Shame I couldn’t hang around for long into the dance, but had another event to get off to!

More works

Xmas is rushing up, and I’m pushing to complete changes for newyears. This week I’m all stocked up on melamine chipboard, and rebuilding the heated cabinet. As some of you know the cold weather is my biggest bottleneck right now, with the temperature in the workshop low enough that the resins won’t set properly. Not an issue if I’m in there with the heater on, but a problem for those resins that need to be left overnight or longer.

I already store the raw chemicals in a heated cabinet to prevent them from decay, but it’s not large enough to fit setting materials in as well. In the next couple of days that should change!