Pre-Xmas catchup

Well Christmas is only three weeks away now, and I’m a busy little elf.
Most of the time since my last update has unfortunately been spent ill, so very little has gotten done. This past week and a half though I’ve finally been feeling better, so orders have started to roll out again! I’m really very sorry for the delay. Please check the Order Status page to see if I’ve gotten to yours yet. If not, it shouldn’t be long now!

During my downtime I had a few extra suggestions from those holding at safe distance, so the new year will see some changes in pricing and stock that should get orders out in much better time from here on.
I will be creating a stock of claws in the base colours (Black, white, red, green, orange, red, yellow and unpigmented) in standard packs of ten. These will follow the same basic pricing scheme as ever, based in per-claw by size (£10, £11 and £12). However I will be implementing an as-yet-undecided surcharge for non-standard quantities, and the prices for customisations will be going up a little.
In short, I won’t be treating every order like a custom job. The result will be the actual custom orders will get the extra attention they need and the standard orders will be shipped right away from a held stock.

And this will of course make implementing the site shop at long last a lot easier.

You may also notice I’ve added a couple of extra links to the “buy at” menu.
Spreadshirt is a print-on-demand clothing company. And if laying feverishly in bed is good for one thing, it’s crazy scrawlings to go on Tshirts. Expect some fun designs to show up there soon.
Etsy is a shopping forum for selling hand-made and custom items. I on occasion produce a bit of jewelery or something aesthetically pleasing, and will from here on be listing them through there.
And Lulu is probably one of the best known print-on-demand publishers, and while I do have some longer-term ideas about writing, they also allow you to produce other items like calenders and compilation CDs.

For each of the above they’ll be notifications through this site, so please subscribe to the RSS feed for those and other more esoteric updates.