RBW Redux

So yes, I got back from RBW fine. I thought I’d dodged the bullet that is con-crud, but no! A week later it kicks in and my voice vanishes into husky croaks.

That said, RBW was a great time. Last year it all came apart at the seams, so people were hesitant to come back this year. But the new staff and change of venue have pulled it all back together into a very professional con, which I (and I’m sure MANY more) will be attending again next year.

Sales went pretty well, and had a few orders for the new rubber paw-pads. Glowsticks before the boat party sold very well, though some people waited until we were actually ON the boat to ask about buying some. Unfortunately I left my dealers table in the Dealers Den, so I guess I missed an opportunity there.

The robot also got a warm reception, being dubbed alternately Heineken, Keg-9, and K9’s alcoholic cousin. There was even an offer to buy him, but I want the satisfaction of having him work first. Well technically he does work, it just turned out his remote control didn’t.
It was also great to meet so many new people as well as see and hear of the wonderful works other people are working on.

Anyway, new casting supplies were ordered and have now arrived, as well as a preserved coyote skull with some excellent teeth. I’ll be making replicas of it’s teeth for sale soon.

Oh, I’ve added a fixed status page to the site so people who’ve ordered at cons or who have other commissions with me, can keep track of them. It’s very rough at the moment, but I’ll be tidying it up shortly.

I’ll be at the upcoming LondonFurs Xmas party on the 5th, selling some of my remaining glowsticks. I’m also trying to revive an old idea I had called the Fandom Trade Association, which is much more informal than it sounds. News on that as it develops.