RBW Tomorrow!

The “Rather Brilliant Weekend” starts tomorrow! If you’re attending, please come find me in the Dealers Den. I’ll be trading there each of the 3 days the con runs.

There’s a dance every night, so I’ve stocked up on glowsticks. 600 of them. The thin 8″ ones are 30p and the thick 6″ ones are 80p. So please come and buy a few, I’d love to sell out of them!
They’ll also be displays of the cast claws and paw-pads which I’ll be taking orders for, packs of face/body paint crayons, emergency repair kits, and I’ll be taking sketches and commissions.

Here’s my advert for the con-book. Hoping it made it in!
(it’s made 70’s movie style to be inkeeping with the con’s theme)

A sad note is that since making the advert, my sewing machine has seized up, so the emergency repair station is out for the time being. The robot is also throwing up some issues with it’s power supply, so we’ll see if he comes along or not.

There’s still a whole day to go, and anything could happen in the next half hour!