Mecha Ear Demonstrator

For those who didn’t get to see these at Confuzzled, I brought with me a concept demonstrator. This concept shows the mechanical range required to get basic emotive movements in a set of anthro ears.

Demo Ears

Of course, these just demonstrate the most basic movements required. The ones that will be available to purchase soon will have discrete mechanical controls for each ear seperatly, and will be made available as either headbands or sew-in modules for full costumes.

Demo Ear Closeup

As I discussed with people at the convention, future models will likely have electronic controls, various automations and even sensory enhancements. These are of course a little way off, but are being researched.

Some folk were of course curious whether I’d be selling just the mechanisms or full ears. The answer is both, and I look forward to showing you both bare and furred models in the near future!

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