New moulds please!

So I told a lot of folk back at Confuzzled that I’d soon have a webshop up and running. And I still will.
I’ve been taking some time experimenting with differing categories as well as recruiting a few artists to allow me to sell their prints through the shop as well. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship I feel. Or rather, I hope it will be!

Creating the shop has turned into an opportunity for me to strip-down and rebuild a lot of other things. A lot of elements of the way I’ve done things have been thrown together on the fly out of necessity. Stopping for shop-building has left me in a position to remake with lessons learnt. The first of those has been new moulds for the claws. The claws themselves will remain the same, but the new moulds should be easier to use and require less hand finishing on the claws they produce, speeding up my turnaround time.

I’ve got a nice new workbench I’ve been making from a very heavy-duty kitchen tabletop and other salvaged wood. I’ve been adapting it to purpose, so again giving me more workspace and one that’s better to use.

I’ve also been working on a much improved vacuum chamber for better and faster degassing of the resins in greater quantities at once. Having it internally lit with a loading caddy will be extremely useful to me. As will putting in a baffle so things don’t get knocked around when going Up-To-Air again.

I’m also currently researching and doing costings on how viable it is for me to build a 4+ axis milling machine. I’ve mentioned the possible uses of this to a few people, but I’ll keep quiet on that on here for the time being. 😉
Either way, the prototype’s going to be an interesting one.

In the meantime, I’ll see about giving a few updates on interesting little scrap-builds and other projects.