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Clawing into the new year

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Happy new year everyone!

While there’s been a few delays, I’m very happy to say that the first pre-ordered claws shipped before new years! With only a few left to go, the rest should ship within the next few days!

I’m also glad to say the pre-orders also included my first special-order batch; a set of 16 instead of ten and in a nice light green.

Like a pale green forest.. of claws.

Like a pale green forest.. of claws.

Packed neatly together for a safe journey

Packed neatly together for a safe journey

Pre-orders are now over though, so prices from here on will require additional shipping cost.

For a set of Ten sew-on claws; small is £10, Medium is £11, Large is £12.

All claws are cast in sets of 10 to ensure uniform colour across the set, the backs are then sanded flat and hand-drilled.

Postage to the UK is £1.75, £6.40 to the USA, and about £5.40 for Europe (please ask for specific quote). All postage is signed-delivery wherever possible to ensure receipt.

Custom numbers and colours are available on request, though cost and production time may vary. Please email me to discuss it.

I accept paypal but prefer Google Checkout. Until the shop is running, I can provide you with an invoice for any order manually.

One of the other items produced before xmas was my first commission for jewellery. And now the new year has passed I’m allowed to mention it.

I was commissioned to produce a set of modern sterling-silver cufflinks containing blinking LEDs. For my first foray into silverwork, I think they came out rather nicely, and I’m expecting to hear back from the commissioner soon as to what the person they were given to would like engraved on the rear of the cufflinks. Then they can be given their final polishing too!

Caught in-step

Caught in-step

A brief video of them is here: Cufflinks flashing (1730Kb – 13s)

Ironing board mod

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

At the request of a friend I recently took on this unusual commission.

Because of their height and joint problems, off the shelf ironing boards were too short for them. So this meant raising the working height of a board to 120cm.