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Eye-blank developements

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

I’m glad to say there’s finally some good news on the eye-blank front. A few recent castings have been coming out crystal clear! The new epoxy resin is starting to work out.

It’s crystal clear, without the yellowy tone of the eurethane clear-cast and without the blue hint of the noxious styrene resin.

The only issue is that it’s rather harsh on the silicone moulds, clinging to them very tightly. Mould-release has helped a bit but has also left the blanks with a slightly “frosted” surface.

I have some test blanks currently curing in hardier urethane-rubber based moulds, which hopefully will not require mould release. If they come out as well as I hope, I should be able to start production proper within the next fortnight.

A urethane mould curing

The experiments continue. More updates should soon follow. For science!

PS: Site gallery and previous post images may not respond correctly for a while as I shall be making alterations to the gallery plugin the site uses.

T-Virus Container Prototype

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

For fans of the Resident Evil game series, you’ll recognise the vial below as one of those held in the dying hand of Dr William Birkin.

Vial Prototype

It’s just a prototype though, and I’ve learnt a lot from it. I already have improved tooling in the works and a production procedure that will give a much finer finish. In addition, I also now have a supply of UV reactive dyes that will give a superior look to the fluid as well as making them glow under UV.

Reproductions of those from the game series will be available for about £50 each, as well as with various accessories such as Birkins needle and the G-Virus sample container seen for a scant few seconds near the end of RE:2.

Reproductions of the movie-style containers will also be available on demand for a slightly higher price.

And furthermore, for the dedicated cosplayer or fan-film maker, mechanicly functional versions of the vials are an option for commissioners who want to be able to show fluid being syphoned off.